Trips on Deck

Trips on Deck

I’m never happy unless I’m planning my next trip. Some work out and some don’t. Here’s what’s coming up in the next several months:


August 2017

Road trip with the girls to Kansas City to see the eclipse.  We can’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


September 2017

Austin for a work conference.

October 2017

Possible trip to Boston for a work conference, but this one may be off. I’m disappointed because I’ve never been to Boston, but I’ve heard it’s a great city.


December 2017/January 2018

We’re heading to Philadelphia and NYC! We’ve never been to Philly, but it looks like they have some fun New Year’s activities.  And I’m hoping NYC will still be decked out for Christmas.

NYC from the Staten Island Ferry

January 2018

A trip to Florida for work.

April 2018

A trip to New Orleans for work.  One of my favorite cities!

May 2018

London and Paris ! This one is already booked when I scooped up one of Norweigan’s amazing fares to Europe. I had to book each flight separately, but I only paid $150 to fly from Boston to London and $200 to return from Paris to Boston, both weekend flights! Of course, we’ll still have to make our way to Boston, but those fares should be very manageable. And maybe we can add a night there if we don’t get to go in October.

Eiffel Tower

I went to Paris with the twins last fall.  It was supposed to be a family trip, but Christine was dealing with some health issues, and we ultimately decided that she and Kenny would stay behind, rather than cancel the whole trip.  This trip is to make up for Kenny missing out-and we’ll both get to see London for the first time!

Can you tell I’m excited?

Summer 2018

We haven’t settled on next summer’s trip yet.  The kids will be in school during our London/Paris trip, so they will skip that one.

They’ve been asking for quite a while to go to California.  The twins want to see Disney and Christine wants to see Universal (of course, we’ve done both on the other coast). My ideal vacation does not involve theme parks, but I may be outvoted for this one. Hopefully, we can work some beach or culture in somewhere!


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I am a 40-something lawyer and mom of 3 teenage girls. I love exploring new places, and when I can't be on the road, I'm planning my next trip. Over the years, I've learned a lot about how to travel in a pack of five. Our trips range from budget-friendly road trips with the family, to more luxurious trips for work, either solo or with my husband, Kenny.

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